two of my favorite things. spring and lists. i love lists of all kinds, but there’s something about a seasonal bucket list that’s a little extra exciting to write. essentially, it’s just a reminder of all the sweet special things that each season brings and a way to keep track of everything you want to do before the earth spins another quarter around the sun and a new season begins. so, here’s ours.

1, raise caterpillars. done! we ordered caterpillars on amazon a month or so ago and kept them in a jar until they became chrysalides. once they emerged into butterflies, we kept them for four days, feeding them berries and flower petals. last week, hudson and our little neighbor girl  were able to set them free at the park! such a fun learning experience for children.

2. blooms and butterflies exhibit at franklin park conservatory. along with this exhibit, which features hundreds of butterflies flying all around as you walk through the rainforest, there other plant exhibits, outdoor gardens, and fun interactive activities for kids.

3. make a spring wreath. i had my eye on a wreath for our front door, but the thought on spending (over) fifty dollars on a wreath bugged me. lucky for me, a sweet friend of mine brought me huge bundles of her leftover seeded eucalyptus. i trimmed it all up and tucked it all in to a grapevine wreath that i had sitting in the closet. BOOM. zero dollars. pretty front door.

4. start a garden. we’ve always had large, plentiful gardens but since moving to the city, it’s been a challenge. there really isn’t a spot in our teeny tiny yard that gets enough sunlight. however, last year we successfully grew cucumbers and green beans. this year, i’m keeping it simple and just planting a mini flower garden out front.

5. pour some chamomile beeswax candles. making homemade beeswax candles is a favorite hobby of mine and this spring, i’m going to try a chamomile version for the first time.

6. take a hike. i have so many metro parks around town that i want to explore, but that’s a list for another day.

7. take a bike ride. fun fact: i don’t own a bicycle. i suppose i should add “purchase a bike” to my bucket list. in the mean time, i’ll borrow an extra from whoever is taking a ride with me.

8. feed the ducks. we have a city park just minutes from our house with a beautiful pond full of ducks, fish and frogs. during the spring, we love to stop by after work to feed the ducks and breathe some fresh air.

9. go on a picnic. a big blanket,  a cold vegetable salad and a few sandwiches. that’s all you need. also, i think it should be a rule that every spring meal should be shared outdoors on a picnic blanket.

10, dye easter eggs. this is another one among the few that we’ve already completed. this year, we used beets, turmeric, spinach, blueberries and coffee to dye our eggs. most of them turned out beautiful and vibrant, but if anyone would be so kind to share tips on dying eggs with spinach that would be appreciated. our spinach dyed eggs were a bust.

11. visit a farmers market. can’t wait for my favorite farmers market to open in a few weeks! we love going on saturday mornings to pick up fresh flowers and delicious produce to use in seasonal inspired meals throughout the week.

12. go to the zoo. we were gifted a zoo pass months ago, but we have yet to use it due to bad weather and busy schedules. i am hoping we will have a warm day somewhere over the next few weekends. also hoping that the baby elephants will be out because there’s really nothing cuter, and that’s coming from a *not* animal lover.

13. visit the park of roses. a whole park full of every color rose you could ever imagine. perfect for a morning outing or an evening walk. this place is what i imagine heaven may look like.

14. have lunch at north market. we did this last weekend, but i’m not counting it because i want to go again. if you ever get a chance to make it there, i suggest the vietnamese pho or the mexican street tacos. or a belgium waffle. or a smoked salmon sushi roll. see why i want to go again?

15. visit a museum on a rainy day. a rainy tuesday or so ago, we visited a science childrens museum with our cousins. however, this is another one i’m keeping on the list because i was picturing more like a slow stroll, through an art museum, by myself. haha yeah right.

.that’s all so far! i have a few more ideas floating around in my head but to ensure our list can be completed, i’m keeping it at this for now. what are some things that you’d like to do this spring? i’d so love to hear.





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