Well, we are halfway through the summer months. On one hand, it’s flown by and on the other it feels like the next season should be here in no time (yeah right). Here’s what’s been going on around here this summer:

READING: lots of books! I recently finished one called Once Upon a Flock, a memoir of a lady and her experience raising chickens. Such a sweet, funny light-hearted read. Perfect for the summertime.

LISTENING: to the Coffee House Covers station on Pandora and the occasional podcast. Really loving the following: Minimalist Moms Podcast, How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black and The Happy hour with Jamie Ivey.

BUYING: fresh flowers from the farmers market every weekend! Mostly sunflowers.

WATCHING: Chef’s Table on Netflix, Barefoot Contessa on weekend mornings and a variety of documentaries some nights. Living on One Dollar is a really interesting one if you’re into that sort of thing.

PLANNING: a getaway to NYC with my cousin (who doubles as my BFF) this fall! No babies allowed.

SWITCHING: jobs! Two more weeks then I’ll be switching jobs in order to spend waaay more time with my little man.

ORGANIZING: Hudson’s room. We don’t have a ton of toys at our house but still, his room always seems to be a mess. I’m on a mission to find a storage system that keeps it easy to tidy up in there.

CREATING: homemade bug spray + smoothie recipes.

CRAVING: farmers market tomatoes, peaches, fish tacos and allll the grilled vegetables.

DIFFUSING: lemon + rosemary essential oils, especially in the kitchen. So refreshing + revitalizing.

WEARING: a sundress and some strappy sandals basically every day of the week.

LEARNING: how to care for a kitten. Truth be told, I’m way better at humans than I am at pets but we got a new kitten so I suppose it’s time to learn! Her name is Ivy and we are in love with her.

SPENDING: lots of time outside! We’ve been swimming, drinking coffee on the porch, eating dinner outside, playing at parks and taking evening walks frequently this summer.

PRAYING: for friends who are battling anxiety, friends whose husbands are facing scary medical diagnoses, for a heart of peace during a time full of change, and for my own broken ashes to be made into something beautiful.

CELEBRATING: first birthdays, the upcoming wedding of a sweet friend of mine, and the fact that my brother will be back in Ohio for two months very soon!

What about you?! What are some things you’ve been up to this summer?

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