Fact: I reaaaallly enjoy reading about peoples daily lives. I tend to gravitate to all things mundane, so when people share about the minuscule moments that make up their days, I cannot help but to be intrigued. After reading a few other “day in the life” blogs, I decided to write one of my own. Instead of sharing a detailed play by play of a single day, I decided to skim over each day over the span of a week. I have a feeling that in twenty years, when my baby is grown, coming back to this space to re-read what life was once like will feel so nostalgic and special. So here it goes:


I usually count the beginning of a week as a Monday, but the calendar says otherwise so we will start here for the sake of being proper. This Sunday was different than most. The night before, Hudson slept over at my parents house while I was at a wedding, so I was solo on Sunday morning. Since Hudson went to church with my parents, I tagged along to my friend Grace’s church. After church, we stopped by my cousins house (Grace is my cousins’ sister in law) to visit.

IMG_2100 (1)

This is my cousins’ daughter, Charlotte. She drinks chocolate milk from a wine glass. My kind of girl.

After Hudson came home on Sunday, we drove to my Nana’s house to have supper and to play our weekly game of Sunday night scrabble.


Monday was also different than usual considering it was Labor day!  Our labor day was nothing fancy but basically divided into three parts: hanging out at home all morning, attending an arts festival in the afternoon and then going to my parents house for a cookout in the evening.


Here is my boy at the art festival. He had his face painted like batman and despite his facial expression- he felt super cool.


Okay so maybe this wasn’t the best time to share “a week in the life” because pretty much everyday was out of the ordinary. Usually, Tuesday mornings are spent with our cousins for a play date, but they weren’t able to meet this time. Instead, Hudson slept in and I read until he woke up.


This is what i’m currently reading. Light and comical- if you want to check it out.

Once he was up, we headed to the library, checked out some books and spent some time reading them under a tree outside of the library. When we got home, Hudson took a nap while I waited for the cable man to come pick up our cable boxes. We are officially a no cable home and LOVING it so far. There was still a bit of time between the end of nap time and the beginning of dinnertime, and considering it was almost 100 degrees outside, we opted for some indoor fun to beat the heat/burn some energy/kill some time. We went to a trampoline park, which of course is always a hit with my toddler. Once we got home, it time for the whole dinner + bath + bedtime thing. I had a cup of tea, watched a Netflix documentary and went to bed.


On Wednesday, I babysat for the majority of the day and this time, Hudson came with me. I babysit three little girls a few days a week and again, this day was so hot that we spent a lot of time playing inside, or outside in the baby pool. After we were done babysitting, we went to my aunt’s house for dinner. She invites us every Wednesday and we gladly accept her invitation every time.

IMG_2236 (1)

This night, she made these chipotle chicken quesadillas. One of my favorites.


Early in the morning on Thursday, the little girls I babysit came to my house for the day. Hudson went with Charlotte (don’t judge us- we spend way too much time together) to play at my parent’s farmhouse. They have so much fun running around there and it is so kind of my mom to have them come play once a week (at least!). It was a super rainy day, so the girls and I spent most of the day watching a movie, playing a matching card game and coloring. Once I took them home, my cousin called me because she had to leave to record her podcast and her husband still was not home from work. Hudson and I went over to her house that evening to hang out with her kids for an hour or so.



Blurry picture of my favorite baby. So thankful this little muffin is a part of our lives.


Friday morning started at the coffee shop.


Chocolate milk and a bagel for my boy and an almond milk latte for me.

After this, it was time for Hudson’s preschool orientation. He was actually really nervous and didn’t want to go, but after meeting his teachers and seeing his new classroom- he didn’t want to leave! Once we were done with his orientation, we stopped by Target to pick out a new backpack for his first day of school next week. He picked a navy blue one with green dinosaurs, go figure. Hudson played at home while I did housework for the rest of the day and then we met our cousins at Oktoberfest! We typically go to the wine tastings at Whole Foods on Friday nights, but we switched it up and we were so glad we did!


Our little German babes having so much fun at Oktoberfest.


Today! This morning was rainy and cold so we did nothing besides build a fort, make pancakes, and take a bubble bath. There was an ox roast festival in our city this weekend, and we had planned to go tonight, but unfortunately we waited until the last day and it was rained out. My sweet boy was really disappointed but when I asked him what he wanted to do instead he said, “we can play hide and seek or go see Nana.” You got it, baby. We picked up my Nana and went for pizza at an old little pizza shop and now he is currently snuggled on her couch watching Daniel Tiger while I type this, and all is well with the world.


It wasn’t a typical week, but it was a really good one. If I’m being honest (and a bit cheesy) every week spent with my Hudson feels like the best. How was your week? How do you spend most of your days? After all, it is said that that how we spend our days is, in fact, how we spend our lives.

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