i don’t know about you, but when january hits, all i wanna do is clean clean and clean some more. i assume it has something to do with organizing and refreshing my home for the new year, or maybe i’m just one of those weirdos that actually enjoy dusting + washing dirty clothes. either way, its january, so the cleaning season has commenced.

in an effort to bring less chemicals into my home, i’ve started to make some of my household cleaners. i haven’t completely gone green in this category since i still haven’t found recipes that i feel compete with the store bought kinds. while i will continue to try out different recipes, i am totally sold on making orange eucalyptus disinfectant spray here at home. here are the instructions in case anyone wants to give it a try:

in a mason jar (or any jar with a lid), add one cup of white distilled vinegar. next, add three drops of orange oil + three drops of eucalyptus oil. for extra scent and effect, add a handful of eucalyptus stems + the peel of an orange. make sure no pulp or juice makes it into the jar, as your spray will become sticky upon use. set the jar in a window sill with direct sunlight for one to two weeks (until the vinegar scent is essentially gone.) drain the contents of the jar so that only the liquid remains. pour the remaining liquid into a spray bottle + fill the remainder of the bottle with warm water. 

while my favorite concoction so far is orange eucalyptus, this recipe allows you to switch out any oils/scents you’d like, working best if using one deodorizing oil + one disinfecting oil. pick one of each for your spray, follow the directions above, and you’ll be good to go!

examples of deodorizing oils:

  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • sage
  • tea tree
  • peppermint

examples of disinfecting oils:

  • lemon
  • orange
  • grapefruit
  • thyme
  • cinnamon

it is okay to forgo the use of a deodorizing oil. while it will make your spray smell better, it isn’t necessary + your spray will still be effective in disinfecting. another favorite of mine is lemon + thyme. you can add as many oils as you’d like as long as there is at least one disinfecting oil in use. you can also switch out any citrus peels, lavender or thyme sprigs, sage leaves… make it however you’d like!


happy cleaning, friends! before you go, are there any homemade products that you use for your home? i’d love to learn more from you guys!


disclaimer: i am all about self growth and personal reflection and goal setting and all that good stuff. however, a few years ago i swore to myself i would never make another new years resolution. its overwhelming, right? basically you think of something that is wrong with yourself, watch the ball drop at midnight, flip the calendar the next morning and BAM. hello to being a nicer person and goodbye to caffeinated drinks. and the idea of spending a whole year focusing on just one goal? it just wasn’t working for me. all that being said, with the help of my cousin, i thought of a new idea.

this year (and last), we decided to create monthly goals. goals that change as the seasons change. lots of little goals that will leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied at the end of the year. each month, we jot down five personal goals to share and to hold each other accountable for. i find it easiest to divide the goals into five categories: self, home, health, child, and relationship.

that brings me to my goals this month:

  1. (self) start a blog! so far so good.
  2. (home) clean out the closets and donate what we don’t need. i’ve already donated a big box of toys but our closets are stuffed full of things we don’t need. anyone in need of 74 pairs of unmatched shoes?
  3. (health) no desserts or treats. i’m pretty sure all my teeth are sweet teeth and considering my main food group last month was christmas cookies, i think it’s time for a sugar detox.
  4. (child) take hudson to the doctor and the dentist for a three year checkup. judge me if you must, but life gets busy and obvious things like this can be easily pushed aside.
  5. (relationship) this category is just a reminder to water any relationship that is in need of watering. this month, i have two books from my church library that i am going to read on maintaining healthy relationships. i’m also going to read a fictional book i’ve had on my shelf for awhile (see above) but haven’t cracked open yet. i guess thats another “self” related goal, but i’m counting it!


so, i’d love to hear! do you make new years resolutions? what are some of your goals this month?

x kelsey